Keeping Your Wheels Fresh and Clean

Mobile Wheel Refurbishmentmobile wheel refurbishment

Have you ever wanted to refurbish your wheels and make them look like they are new again but you just do not have the time to visit a technician? Everyone has been in such a situation at one point or another. The good thing is that you do not have to worry thanks to mobile wheel refurbishment. It is much cheaper to call the technician and have the work on your wheels on-site than taking the car to their yard. You will not have to worry about the transportation process especially when the technician’s yard is far away. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to negotiate with them because they will be coming to your place.

Get customized services

Everyone has unique things that they look for in wheel refurbishment. Think about the things that you like most and how you want the wheels to look like after the job has been completed. It might not be easy to explain all these things to the technician at their workshop and so, you should call them to your site. There, you can work with them every step of the way to get what you really want.

Find relief in case of emergency

There are times when you want to refurbish your wheels fast. It could be that you just ran into a situation that made the wheels lose shape or colour. You, therefore, might not have the time to start searching for a technician. Instead of that, just call them and they will come to you.

As you can see, the advantages of mobile wheel refurbishment are almost endless. Next time you need such services, you can avoid the trouble of having to take your car to the technicians because they are just a phone call away.

find your MGB roadster

The MG has been a great car for years and one that can famously be stripped and rebuilt with a handful of tools.  Well done Keith J for restoring the MGB roadster called blue bell.  Records show he purchased the car when 17 and living at home, he and his father worked long and hard to get it on the road first time round as it required a few body and engine repairs.  After Getting Married having a few children and finding himself a ‘real Job’ Keith found he had to put the MGB in the garden under some tarpaulin.  After years of being the lowest (not least important) priority on his list he found retirement and the time he craved for. Kids out of the house, work done with! now time for his real love (don’t worry, kids or wife wont read this).  2 years, a lot of welding, blaspheming and marked knuckles later- Bluebelle has been reborn….  We hope for more updates from Keith regarding what happened and when, keep visiting for the news…